Lodewijk Heylen


Lamorinièrestraat 161
2018, Antwerpen, Belgium



+32 484 62 87 79
Lodewijk Heylen is a visual and conceptual artist, who is fascinated by the the human urge to imitate, improve or harness the forces of nature. In his work he relates to industrial traces, transformations and concepts within a post-industrial society. Using preexisting materials and formats he constructs large scale installations that transpose between the natural and the artificial. Rather than confiscating space, the works material presence dissolve into their context, resulting in the question if it hasn’t always been there.
Curriculum Vitae
Lodewijk Heylen (Belgium, °1989)
Lives and works in Antwerp and Brussels 

2017 - 2022 Member Jonge Academie, Belgium
2014 Founder BIN (Belgian Institute for Normalisation), Turnhout

2016 - 2020 PhD in the Arts, University of Hasselt - PXL-MAD School of Arts, Hasselt
2012 - 2013 Universität der Künste, Institut für Kunst im Kontext, Berlin 
2008 - 2013 Ensav La Cambre, Espace Urbain, Brussels
2009 - 2010 Academie Beeldende Kunsten, Photography, Anderlecht
2007 - 2009 EHB Rits, Audiovisual Arts, Brussels

The Self-operating Napkin, CC Westrand, Dilbeek
Installation during the event Muziekjes & Mechaniekjes

Impromptu: E34/KM14, platvvorm, Deinze
In situ installation during the opening weekend of the art space.

True Lies, die Ware lust am Falschen, ACC Galerie, Weimar, Germany
Exhibition of the results of the residency. 
In collaboration with the Bauhaus University, Weimar

Hardbakka 2017: The Care Machine. group exhibition, Harbakka Ruins Projects, Bergen, Norway
As part of the residency at Hardbakka Ruins Projects, Bergen, Norway

La | dent | creuse, 2nd edition, group exhibition, La | dent | creuse, Brussels (upcoming)
As part of the residency at La | dent | creuse, Brussels

Hardbakka 2016 :: Memento Mori, group exhibition, Harbakka Ruins Projects, Bergen, Norway (upcoming)
As part of the residency at Hardbakka Ruins Projects, Bergen, Norway

Citadel’arte 2016, group exhibition, Diest (upcoming) 
Concrete Evidence: Waiting 3, temporary intervention in the public space
In collaboration with UTIL struktuurstudies cvba.

Bewogen beweging, group exhibition, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke
Signing & Marking: Tourism, permanent installation at Verbeke Foundation

Horst arts & music Festival 2015, group exhibition, Holsbeek. Curated by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh 
Übermenschlich: Diestiaan, permanent installation at Kasteel Horst, Holsbeek
In collaboration with Geert Laermans NV and Das Natuursteen

Concrete Evidence: 1m, solo exhibition, Hans-Baluschek-Park, Berlin. Curated by Frederiek Weda
Permanent intervention in the public space 
In collaboration with Acta, non verba - Straßenbau Berlin, Grün Berlin, Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Möller, VTO Verkehrstechnik GmbH and the department Arts, Culture, Museums in Tempelhof-Schöneberg 
With the support from the Flemish Government

Centerfold, group exhibition, De Chocoladefabriek, Nerem-Tongeren. Curated by AMOK

Interview, Forum voor Beeldende Kunst, group exhibition, Pand Mani Tongeren. Curated by Alexandra Bertels

Accidental Colors, group exhibition, BIN, Turnhout. Curated by Maud Salembier

Impromptu: E34/KM14, solo exhibition, Lokaal 01, Antwerp
As part of the residency at Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee 

Cabine de projection, solo exhibition, ODRADEK, Brussels. Curated by Maud Salembier.
As part of the residency at ODRADEK, Brussels
In collaboration with Geert Laeremans NV

BORG 2014, group exhibition, Noorder Singel/Ring R1, Antwerp
Dukdalf: Je ne suis qu’un gueux, temporary intervention in the public space
In collaboration with Lokaal 01, Base Alpha Gallery and NV De Scheepvaart
Simultaneous group exhibition, Park, Antwerp

Correction Lines, group exhibition, various locations, Berlin. Curated by Frederiek Weda, Julia Martha Müller
Concrete Evidence: Übermenschlich (Pulver und Sand), permanent installation at Schwerbelastungskörper, Berlin 
With the support of the museum Tempelhof-Schöneberg

E, solo exhibition, LIIIm3, Antwerp

Noli Me Tangere, group exhibition, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke

Clay!, Print!, Space!, Trade Mart, Brussels

Curiorama, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke

[baekstage], Recyclart, Brussels
Signing & Marking: Retroflex, temporary intervention in the public space
In collaboration with Recyclart and Fero NV

PARK + RIDE, group exhibition, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke
Concrete Evidence: 1m, permanent installation at the Verbeke Foundation 
In collaboration with Agenschap Wegen en Verkeer and Fero NV

Unbequemes Denkmal: Ein Kunstprojekt zum Schwerbelastungskörper, group exhibition, Schwerbelastungskörper, Berlin
Concrete Evidence: Übermenschlich, temporary intervention at Schwerbelastungskörper, Berlin
In collaboration with Philipp Külker and the support of Museum Tempelhof-Schöneberg and Universität der Künste Berlin

Concrete Evidence: West Tangente, performance, Sachsendamm, Berlin
Concrete Evidence: West Tangente, temporary intervention in the public space at Sachsendamm, Berlin 
With the support of Bürgerinitiative West Tangente

Concrete Evidence: Underground, solo exhibition, Avenue Louise 427, Brussels

De Visu, solo exhibition, Abbaye de La Cambre 24, Brussels
Intervention in the public space
In collaboration with Olivia Degrez

Anywhere else but here, group exhibition, Atelier 340, Brussels

Concrete Evidence: Clause, solo exhibition, Avenue Louise 427, Brussels 
Concrete Evidence: Clause, permanent installation at Avenue Louise 427

Anomalie Invisible, solo exhibition, Rue du Congres and Rue de l’Enseignement, Brussels
Anomalie Invisible, permanent intervention in the public space

Concrete Evidence: La Barrière entre ici et Jersey, solo exhibition, interchange of Machelen, Machelen
Concrete Evidence: La Barrière entre ici et Jersey, permanent installation at the interchange of Machelen

Canvascollectie, group exhibition, Bozar, Brussels 

Workshops & lectures
Lecture at Art Future/Future Revolutions, Riga, Latvia
Industrial Mobile Home Tour, PXL-MAD School of Arts, Hasselt
Concrete Chemistry, CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg

Guided tour with personal highlights, Middelheim Museum, Middelheim Promotors, Antwerp

Tatsächlich irgendwo, in the context of Concrete Evidence: 1m, Hans-Baluschek-Park, Berlin. In collaboration with Jugendmuseum Schöneberg

Landerij, initiator, residency and exhibition, Hof ter Borght, Westmeerbeek

Occupy Reloaded, Berlin, coordinated by Thomas Kilpper

Puttenhausen, Bavaria, coordinated by Wim Cuyvers

Al-Mahata Gallery, Palestine, coordinated by Els Opsomer

TOWARDS, Brussels, coordinated by Recyclart

Articles, Interviews and Publications 
Lodewijk Heylen. Concrete Evidence: 1m. In: Manmade. Contemporary Art about the Relationship between Mankind and Earth. Mathieu De Meyer, Tim Joye and Benoit Strubbe (ed.), published June 2016
As part of the exhibition Manmade, Raversyde, Oostende, 11.06 – 02.11.2016.
Article. In: H ART - Tijdschrift over hedendaagse kunst in Belgie en omgeving, published June 2016 

Ein Stück Autobahn. In: Stadtteilzeitung Schöneberg. Arnd Moritz (ed.), published 29.04.2015
Neun Fragen an Lodewijk Heylen. In: Stadtteilzeitung Schöneberg - Nr. 124. Arnd Moritz (ed.), published September 2015

A to B, The Imperishability of the highway. Edition of 10 prints. Published by Lodewijk Heylen 
Schwerbelastungskörper: Publikation zur Ausstellung "Unbequemes Denkmal - ein Kunstprojekt am Schwerbelastungskörper“. Valerie Fahrenkrog, Seraphina Lenz and Petra Zwaka (ed.), published October 2014

Contests, Grants and Residencies
22nd International Studio Program of the ACC Galerie Weimar and the City of Weimar, residency, Weimar (upcoming)

La | dent | creuse, residency, Brussel (upcoming)

Hardbakka 2016 :: Memento Mori, residency, Harbakka Ruins Projects, Bergen, Norway (upcoming)
Membersprize, Creation Contest, Middelheimpromotors, Middelheim Museum, Antwerp

Résidence Croisée, AIR Antwerpen / Résidence d’artistes, residency, Antwerp and Clermont-Ferrand

BIN, residency, Turnhout

Szpilman Award 2014: Best Six, Szpilman Society for Ephemerality, Berlin

Frans Masereel Centrum, residency, Kasterlee

ODRADEK, residency, Brussels

Verbeke Foundation, residency, Kemzeke

International Project Grant for Concrete Evidence: 1m, Flemish Government
In collaboration with curator Frederiek Weda